Whizzer Kylin HE01 Review

My experience with my new friends Whizzer Kylin HE01

At first glance when I got the package, it´s pro. The packaging is really nice looking.

Everything matte black, cool and sleek. You can tell the box has a luxury thought behind it.

When you open it, there they are. Pearly, shiny great looking earbuds. Lifting the block holding the earbuds a smaller box is inside with the braided cable waiting for you to plug them in and go to town. The quality of the box is better than some of the"couple of hundred bucks-earphones" I´ve tried. This has some serious thought behind it. My wife looked at me when I was opening it and said, I looked like a kid on christmas and I felt like one too.

Whizzer Kylin HE01 On Smooth Surface

Sound quality:

As an omnivore of music, my music mood can change from day to day, hour to hour.

During my first time the earphones got to me I was listening to a lot of Logic, Chance the Rapper, Masego and that kind of style. Let me tell you, these earphones are amazing for this kind of music. A deep kick bass that fills in the HipHop genre without any problems. The treble in brands I've tried can be a bit on the high pitch side and almost hurt. But they power through it like nothing. And the voices are crisp and clear.

Going over to Electro and trying music like Knife Party and Daft Punk, the earphones follow through with the same power as before. Clean sound all over and no overdrive or clipping at any frequency. Classic Rock with bands like Guns 'n' Roses, Iron Maiden and Metallica where I have found lower priced earphones almost hurting your ears with the cymbals and hi-hat these are ok, but just that. If you are looking for earphones on a budget these are not for the rockers in my opinion. Any other music they work like a charm and even better depending on the mastering of the songs, but rock-wise, there are earphones that provide more bang for the buck.

As I went through my day and the music was playing in my ears a special song came on.

Beastie Boys - Sure Shot. I immediately thought; wait, what would the original with Karl Denson sound like? I was not disappointed. The flute that I have found can put some speakers to shame, don't have anything on these earphones. No problem at all. One of the cleanest playthroughs I´ve heard. I had to put on my Jazz-playlist and I started swinging away. Many hours went on with Jazz and Funk in my ears.

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The look of these are really nice. They are sleek, sit well around the ears, and the cable is awesome. The 3,5mm connection is straight and sturdy so you know it won't break at slightest pressure. The feel of the earphones are awesome, they have a weight to them but they are not heavy and uncomfortable. And with the range of plastic buds to choose from in the original package I can guarantee you will find some to fit you just right. All in all the build of the earphones are great. Rarely have I seen such robust earphones in this beautiful "skin".

I can get more technical with this but it's no fun to read in a review. In my opinion as the proprietor of about twenty ear- and headphones ranging between the prices of $30-$400 andlistening to music of all kinds I can do a scoresheet for you of what I think these scores are in this price range.

Genre -Stars on a scale of 5


Pop : 3/5

HipHop / R'n'B : 4/5

Electro : 4/5

Reggae : 4/5

Jazz : 5/5

Whizzer kylin he01

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