TRI TK-2 PORTABLE DAC-AMP REVIEW: Beautiful, Powerfull and Refined

TRI TK2 Portable DAC-AMP : very nice sounding

【PROS :】

  • Natural timbre, beautifully cohesive tonality, good resolution, weighty dynamic, versatile sounding, lush mids, thick punchy bass, full treble, very powerfull, immersive holographic spatiality, 3 type of output, true line out, fast charge, long battery life, sturdy construction, precise volume knob, no over gain distortion even at max volume

【CONS :】

  • Lack of features (like line in, different line out, Bluetooth reception), No gain switch (automatic gain instead), a bit big-chunky-heavy for being greatly portable, lack of air which affect soundstage depth and imaging precision, very rare jitter (or micro sound cuting, about once in 2H...perhaps due to wifi or another type of interference), basic accessories.


 Writen by ErIk Ikomori.

Tri tk2

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