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The bass is overall recessed, with it having an average impact on the punch and not much rumble. The sub-bass is rumbly, giving it thunder. The mid-bass has an average impact, being able to show the drums in tracks. The extension of the sub-bass does not go very far, and the decay is quick. The bass region does not sound warm, and does not have that saturated bass which sounds rich and pleasant. The bass does not bleed over to the other frequencies.


The mids are forward with it possessing a hint of warmth and is well-textured. The vocals have that rich and luscious ambience. Male vocals sounds mellow and has that "throaty" feeling. The female vocals sound soothing with it shining in tracks. The note weight is on the lighter sided. The piano and guitars sound pleasing to the ears.


The highs are forward and sound sparkly. The treble sounds clean and with high clarity. The treble extension is decent and the decay is alright, being at a comfortable speed. The female vocals at the higher octaves are not sibilant and do not sound harsh. The cymbal crashes and electric guitars are also not harsh on this iem.


The soundstage is pretty average with the width being about 180 degrees and the depth being 3m and the height being 3m as well. It is pretty intimate. The imaging is decent as the instruments are in their respective positions. The sound separation is decent as the instruments can be distinguished, although it might get crowded on busy tracks.


 Its price is pretty competitive at $26usd. This earbud has good sounding vocals and a mid-centric tuning. This earbud is very value for money and I would definitely recommend it. Definitely not for bassheads, but if you do love treble and mids then do get this this.

where to buy:https://keephifi.com/products/hzsound-bell-rhyme

Hzsound bell rhyme

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