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Over $39 Free Shipping

CCZ Plume Release & Giveaway

 Hello Everyone!

For those who have already known and followed Keephifi, we sincerely appreciate your attention and support! However, there may be still lots of people who haven't heard about and accessed to us. We welcome all of you to come and join us!

Have you noticed that we just launched a new product CCZ Plume? In order to let you know more details about it, we are holding a GIVEAWAY for it! 2Plumes as prizes are given to 2 lucky winners respectively!

Wanna to own the prizes? Just don't hesitate to comply with the steps and get on board:

CCZ Plume GIVEAWAY--Keephifi

This Giveaway is from July, 7th to July, 22nd 2021(GMT+8), and the winners will be announced after the activity ends.

We are grateful for everyone's support! We hope you enjoy the Plume, and will be really glad to receive any feedback about your using experience of our products!


Keephifi Team