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CCZ Coffee Bean 10mm DD In Ear Headphone

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Color: Brown
Style: No mic

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10mm Dual Magnetic Circuit Dynamic Driver In-Ear Hi-Fi Earphone

The Coffee Bean utilizes a single 10mm dynamic driver operating on a dual magnetic circuit. This provides a unique advantage over other dynamic drivers as it makes it more energy efficient. This leading energy efficiency can be seen in the high sensitivity and low impedance that they carry. This lets you perceive your audio exactly as it was produced.

The diaphragm is made with the utmost care, composed of a mixture of polyurethane and polyether ether ketone. These two materials come together to make a diaphragm that has the flexibility to precisely reproduce sounds to the highest resolution. You’re guaranteed rich, detailed audio.

A Supreme Sound Signature

When they look this good, they need to have the performance to match. Thanks to the composition of the diaphragm, the bass and low frequencies are driven powerfully, so you can really feel your music. Vocals are delivered smooth and clear, and thanks to the high sensitivity, higher frequencies come out crisp without the harshness that other brands can’t avoid.

Whether you’re listening to bass-heavy tracks or those with a focus on vocals, the Coffee Bean will blow you away.

More Details

CCZ Coffee Bean-Dual magnetic circuit dynamic driver in-ear HiFi Earphone
CCZ Coffee Bean features summary
CCZ Coffee Bean-Exlcusively designed eartips
CCZ Coffee Bean Patented earfins detail
CCZ Coffee Bean ear fin design
CCZ Coffee Bean-UV-curing PC cavity
CCZ Coffee Bean-10mm dual magnetic circuit dynamic driver
CCZ Coffee Bean-Lightwieght Design
CCZ Coffee Bean frequency responese curve
CCZ Coffee Bean sound signature
CCZ Coffee Bean product parmeters
CCZ Coffee Bean IEM on a book
CCZ Coffee Bean IEM besides a jar of coffee bean
CCZ Coffee Bean IEM on a book
CCZ Coffee Bean IEM along with coffee bean on a cloth
CCZ Coffee Bean IEM along with coffee bean on a cloth-2
CCZ Coffee Bean IEM besides a jar of coffee bean-2
CCZ Coffee Bean IEM besides a jar of coffee bean-3
CCZ Coffee Bean IEM package
1. Brand: CCZ
2. Model: Coffee Bean
3. Color: Brown; Black
4. Interface/Connector:2PIN 0.78MM
5. Plug type: 3.5MM
6. Impedance: 18±2Ω
7. Sensitivity: 111±3dB
8. Frequency response:20hz-20KHZ
9. Driver unit: 10mm Dual Magnetic Circuit DD
10. Wearing type: In-Ear
11. Whether with cable: Yes
12. Whether with mic: No mic;With mic
13. Cable length: 1.2m
14. Cable material: OFC
15. Whether can replacement cable: Yes


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