KBEAR | Brand Story
The sound of wind is soft, and the sound of rain is cheerful. There are many kinds of sounds in this world. From departure to reception, it undergoes a magical transition. When a song or voice comes out of wire, what is affected is the hearing experience of listeners and the hearts of audiences. The magic of sound is that it seems simple, but very complicated.kbear ks2
The founder of KBEAR has been very sensitive to sound since he was a child. His obsession with sound quality stems from his innate capture of natural sounds. He found that the world of sound can be broader, not only hearing and understanding, but more spiritual feelings. So he is committed to create  HIFI earphones that allow people to hear the purest sound, and use them as a carrier to restore sound.
China has always been a major consumer of earphones and a major manufacturer of many international brands. It has a unique environmental advantage. Later, with global economic changes, lots of manufacturing industries of famous brands withdrew from the Chinese market, while domestic HIFI earphones R&D talents settled and grew, the founding team of KBEAR is one of them.kbear ks1
Their small studio was established in 2016. At the beginning, the team consisted of only three or four people, but all of them were specialized talents. They were engaged in research and development of HIFI earphones, structural design of audio products, and on-site management of HIFI earphones in many major international earphone companies. Abundant experience of many years in the HIFI headset industry has given them good technical and resource advantages.kbear stellar
Therefore, they started from the research and development of earphones. In 2017, they cooperated with many brand earphone manufacturers at home and abroad to start manufacturing HIFI earphones that can restore the purest sound. In 2018, they independently established the high-end earphone brand "KBEAR".
kbear believe

KBEAR insists on developing market with professional R&D, unique design, and ultra-high cost-effective product positioning. It is dedicated to provide global users with original sound quality and aesthetically designed products, so that all users obsessed with musics can enjoy and appreciate the most authentic  and multiple beauty of musics anytime and anywhere.  kbear lark
At that time, the global earphone market was no longer a stage where international brands such as those from Germany, the United States, and Japan, equally get their shares. With its own technical advantages and mature operations in foreign markets, KBEAR   naturally became a potential in the foreign HIFI earphone market. Some products of KBEAR were once popular among foreign enthusiasts such as F1, Knight, KB04, Diamond, KB06, HI7, OPAL, and KB10. Not only that, KBEAR has also helped many Chinese HIFI headset brands go overseas, and has received a sound response abroad, making HIFI headsets of China manufacturing into the world’s sight.kbear diamond
In 2018, KBEAR flagship product KBEAR Diamond appeared in the field of foreign enthusiasts with its excellent manufacturing technology and strict export quality control. It adopts a DLC-type diamond diaphragm to achieve a perfect balance between acoustic velocity and internal resistance. When  “Diamond” sounds, its sound is the same as diamond itself, clear and transparent, soft and natural. Once launched, with its unique design and sound quality, it has received unanimous praise and strong recommendation from many foreign music enthusiasts. It has stood out among many products and has never been able to control the trend since then. kbear aurora

KBEAR has been deeply involved in earphone fans circle at home and abroad for many years. It not only has a very deep understanding of the preferences of both domestic and foreign customers and market demand, but also dares to and is good at innovating. It actively promotes the rapid iteration of the HIFI earphone market and achieves sustainable development. KBEAR is committed to become one of the leaders of the global HIFI headset brands with unremitting efforts.


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