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For your first order in our shop, you can use the discount code: VTDC5MXDT7MY for all products in our store for one time. Thank you for your support. Any problem, please contact or our other official social accounts.
For your first order in our shop, you can use the discount code: VTDC5MXDT7MY for all products in our store for one time. Thank you for your support. Any problem, please contact or our other official social accounts.

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4 Balanced Armature Drivers + 1 Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitors
A Collision of Art, in Both Sound and Vision

Titanium-Plated Polyurethane Composite Diaphragm

In the creation of the diaphragm for the Norn IEMs, extensive research and tests were done to find the perfect material to make up the diaphragm. The choice ended up being a titanium-plated polyurethane composite high-poly fiber suspension diaphragm.

This mixture of materials allows the diaphragm to have numerous properties. The high-poly fiber allows for rigidity of the entire diaphragm, which produces uniform sound with its vibrations as well as durability for its structure.

At the same time, the polyurethane gives flexibility to the diaphragm, which allows it to dive to an extent that produces deep bass notes.

The titanium plating provides rigidity, similar to the high poly fiber, but it adds a quality to the audio of its own.

The Structure of Norn

When it comes to the Norn IEMs, sound is everything. Tearing it down for a look at the complex internals will show that the acoustics were considered every step of the way.

Three sound tubes reside in the front cavity, with each frequency produced by a set of drivers intended to pass through a separate tube, unaffected by the others. This isolation of each frequency range means that they don’t interfere with one another, produces a clarity unlike other IEMs.

The back cavity of the shell uses a smooth faceplate to achieve a ‘mirror reflection’ effect. The sound reflects off this surface for amplification and reduction of sound leakage and loss.

The Structure of Norn

Knowledge of the Norns makes it easier to understand the tuning profile that Kinera engineers aimed for with these IEMs. Like the Norns and the fate that they act on behalf of, they can sometimes be loud and sometimes quiet; they can sometimes be fierce and sometimes calm; they can sometimes be mysterious and other times clear. It is this dynamism that the sound engineers at Kinera have aimed to capture with the shell of the Norn.

The bass is deep and rich, with a 7mm Kinera microdynamic driver at work. It is driven by an N52 high flux ring magnet with the titanium-plated composite diaphragm pushing the air.

The midrange frequencies are handled by a pair of Knowles RAF-32873 composite drivers, which bless the vocals with a richness that can evoke the deepest emotions.

The high-frequencies are the product of four balanced armature drivers working in unison. The multiple drivers make the reproduction of multiple instruments more efficient, and paired with the separation that the sound tubes provide, positioning of instruments is as realistic as it can be.

Listening through the Norn is like sitting in the center of a concert hall with an orchestra performing a symphony all around. There’s nothing quite like this kind of musical experience.

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Kinera Norn IEM in hanging

1. Brand: Kinera

2. Model: Norn

3. Earphone type: In Ear Earphone

4. Impedance: 32Ω

5. Earphone sensitivity: 110±2dB

6. Plug: 2.5mm

7. Whether with cable: Yes

8. Earphone connector: 0.78mm 2-pin

9. Driver unit: 1DD + 4BA


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