【Definition of Warranty】

Warranty is defined as our written promise to repair or replace a faulty product that results from manufacturing issues.  Warranty is not applicable or has limited coverage under certain circumstances. Please refer to the segment below.

【Warranty Period】

KEEPHIFI offers a 1-year warranty coverage for our most products . KEEPHIFI offers a 3-month warranty for cables and adapters. 

【Warranty Not Applicable When:】

1.Damage of product is due accidents, user negligence, dismantling, waterlog, mishandling, mismanagement, abuse, improper installation, vandalism or modifications.
2.Products are prize items or from giveaways.
3.Products are not purchased from https://keephifi.com
4.Products wear and tear over time, including cosmetic changes such as a change in colour.
5.Users do not follow the “User Guide”, instructions or other additional safety, use, or warnings included in the product materials.
6.Products are used commercially.
7.Unsupervised use of product by children under 18 years of age.
8.Products become faulty due to poor weather conditions or any natural disaster.
9.Products stolen or gone missing.

【Warranty Limited Coverage When:】

1.Products are heavily discounted (i.e. 40% or more off retail price) or are review units. 
2.Products have been modified or repaired by people not authorized by KEEPHIFI.


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