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CCZ Melody 1DD + 1BA Hybrid In Ear Headphone

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Color: Black
Style: No mic

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Built with Intention

The CCZ Melody treats each frequency range separately, before melding the sounds together seamlessly. It is able to do this by placing each driver, each chip, each curve in the shell, so precisely that they partner to produce breathtaking audio.

10mm of Dual Magnetic Driver Excellence

The Melody from CCZ makes use of a single dynamic driver to particularly take care of the lower frequencies. However, it packs more response and quality than the average dynamic driver unit thanks to its dual magnetic circuit that provides twice as much magnetic flux.

You get low impedance and high sensitivity for the most efficient and responsive audio experience.

A Balanced Armature Driver Built to Specification

For the Melody, we had a custom balanced armature driver unit made. Our specifications were to ensure that it had the ultimate synergy with the dynamic driver and played into the benefits of the shell.

This unit focuses on the mid and high frequencies and is able to provide dynamic and high-resolution vocals.

More Details

Clear Black CCZ Melody earphone
CCZ Melody earphone main features
CCZ Melody eartips design
CCZ Melody patented ear fin design
CCZ Melody earphone ergonomic design
CCZ Melody earphone UV curing PC  cavity
CCZ Melody earphone precise internal acoustic structure
CCZ Melody earphone 10mm dual magnetic circuit DD exploed view
CCZ Melody earphone customized BA unit
CCZ Melody earphone lightweight body design
CCZ Melody earphone frequency response curve
CCZ Melody earphone 4 core 4N OFC cable
CCZ Melody earphone sound signature
CCZ Melody earphone parameter
Black CCZ Melody earphone besides mobile phone and keyboard
Black CCZ Melody earphone on a bench
Black CCZ Melody earphone on a magzine
Clear Black CCZ Melody earphone in colorful background-1
Clear Black CCZ Melody earphone in colorful background-2
Clear Black CCZ Melody earphone on a etamine-1
Clear Black CCZ Melody earphone on a etamine-2
Clear Black CCZ Melody earphone on coarseness ground
Clear Black CCZ Melody earphone on a paper
1. Brand: CCZ
2. Model: Melody
3. Color: Clear Black; Black
4. Interface/Connector:2PIN 0.78MM
5. Plug type: 3.5MM
6. Impedance: 16±2Ω
7. Sensitivity: 110±3dB
8. Frequency response:20hz-20KHZ
9. Driver unit: 10mm dual magnetic circuit DD unit+CCZ Customized BA
10. Wearing type: In-Ear
11. Whether with cable: Yes
12. Whether with mic: No mic;With mic
13. Cable length: 1.2m
14. Cable material: 4N OFC
15. Whether can replacement cable: Yes


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