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4 Knowles BA + 4 Sonion BA Drivers per Earbud | 4-Way Crossover with 3-Tube | Detachable 2-Pin Cable | Unique Hand-Painted Design | Premium Accessories

The Sound of the Odin

In designing the Odin IEMs, the tuning experts aimed for a large, rich soundstage. One that provides solid, powerful sound, with subtle yet significant details. This is how they interpreted the sound of Odin, and this is what they achieved.

Odin Driver Configuration

To Be Heard Exactly as Intended

When music is made, the producers and musicians want you to hear all the details, the same way they heard it when they made it. This is what can handle very high frequencies while remaining accurate and stable. These define the vocals to an extent that few other drivers do.

Odin Unit Configuration

Brilliant Sound Isolation with Sound Tubes

One feature that you may not see in many other high-end IEMs is a sound tube. These are used to keep the sound coming from sets of drivers separate from one another. The Odin has not one, but three of these tubes. These measure at 8mm, 12mm, and 15mm, and are made of high-density material that reduces sound loss and keeps the sound waves accurate and unaffected by interference.

More Details

Kinera Odin in-ear monitor has 4 sonion BA + 4 knowles BA
Kinera Odin in-ear monitor background
Kinera Odin formed by 3D printing mable
Kinera Odin sound tuning
Kinera Odin BA uints details
Kinera Odin sound tube is accurate to 0.1mm
Kinera Odin specification and frequency response curve
Kinera Odin eartips detail
Kinera Odin cable details
Kinera Odin cable specification
Kinera Odin accesory list
Kinera Odin without cable on keyboard
Kinera Odin with cable on keyboard
Kinera Odin with cable in black background
Kinera Odin without cable in black background
Kinera Odin with cable on smooth floor
Kinera Odin with cable hanging in black background
Kinera Odin without cable in black background

1. Brand: Kinera

2. Model: Odin

3. Earphone type: In Ear Earphone

4. Impedance: 24Ω

5. Earphone sensitivity: 116±1db

6. Frequency response range: 5-50kHz

7. Plug Type: 4.4mm

8. Cable Length: 1.2m

9. Whether with cable: Yes

10. Earphone connector: 0.78mm 2-Pin

11. Driver unit: 4 Knowles + 4 Sonion BA Each Sides


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