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Top-of-the-Line Bluetooth Technology

The Shanling UP5 makes use of Qualcomm’s QCC5120 Bluetooth 5.0 chip. This chip allows for a Bluetooth connection which is reliable, easy to pair, and sounds outstanding, thanks to its support for a variety of hi-res codecs.

Upgrade Your Sound

Using a pair of the brand new ES92219C DAC/AMPs from ESS allows us to put our decades of audio experience to full use. The UP5 is able to deliver on power efficiency and compact size, thanks to these chips.

Hi-Fi USB Input

Whether you’re connecting by Bluetooth or by USB, the UP5 offers nothing but the highest fidelity audio. The Xmos XUF208 chip allows this portable piece of hardware to serve as a USB DAC/AMP that supports as high as 32-bit audio at 384kHz and DSD256.

FPGA Technology + KDS Crystal Oscillators

Our improved FPGA algorithm partners with the high-end KDS oscillators in this amplifier to provide performance that is vastly improved when it comes to decoding PCM and DSD signals.

Balanced Audio Jacks Give You All the Options

The UP5 offers single-ended output through its 3.5mm jack, but that wasn’t enough connectivity for Shanling. They added a balanced 4.4mm and 2.5mm jack, so you can choose the connector type that is perfect for you and your hardware.

Native MQA Support

The Shanling UP5 supports playback for MQA files straight out of the box. It can even play them at the maximum 16 x quality. You can enjoy MQA files over USB or when using a streaming service such as Tidal.

More Details

Shanling  UP5 amplifier features
Shanling  UP5 amplifier parts detail
Shanling  UP5 amplifier utilize 0.96-inch OLED screen
Shanling  UP5 amplifier high
Shanling  UP5 amplifier sound  feature
Shanling  UP5 amplifier HiFi quality USB input
Shanling  UP5 amplifier utilizes FPGA & KDS crystal oscillators
Shanling  UP5 amplifier easy match with all headphones
Shanling  UP5 amplifier battery life
Shanling  UP5 amplifier compatible with any Android smartphone
Shanling  UP5 amplifier compatible with computer and car
Shanling  UP5 amplifier compatible with Switch
Shanling  UP5 amplifier companion APP
Shanling  UP5 amplifier Knowles sisonic microphone
Shanling  UP5 amplifier MQA support
Shanling  UP5 amplifier package and accessories
Shanling  UP5 amplifier multi-functional wheel
Shanling  UP5 amplifier playback button
Shanling  UP5 amplifier parameter-1
Shanling  UP5 amplifier parameter-2
Shanling  UP5 amplifier on red board
Shanling  UP5 amplifier package and mobile
Shanling  UP5 amplifier on yellow glass desk
Three Shanling  UP5 amplifier in white background
Shanling  UP5 amplifier surrounded by yellow balls

Bluetooth encoding and decoding formats: LDAC, LHDC, aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, aptX, AAC, SBC
Bluetooth chip: Qualcomm QCC5120
DAC chip: ESS Saber ES9219C X 2
USB chip: Xmos XU208
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
Transmission distance: 10 meters
Microphone: Lou's SiSonic high quality microphone
Output power:
90mW @ 32Ω (single end, single DAC mode)
112 mW @ 32Ω (single-ended, dual DAC mode)
240 mW @ 32Ω (balance)
Signal-to-noise ratio:
120dB (single end)
120dB (balance)
Channel separation:
70dB @ 32Ω (single end)
108dB @ 32Ω (balance)
THD + N:
0.0018% (LDAC / A-W / 0.5V / 32Ω)
0.0035% (Other / A-W / 0.5V / 32Ω)
Battery life: 15 hours (single end), 11 hours (balanced)
Charging: 2 hours
Battery capacity: 680 mAh
Power adapter: DC5V / 1A
USB: Supports Type-C interface, UAC 1.0 and UAC 2.0 switches
Accessories: Independent split back clip, Type-C data cable, manual
Volume control: Use the scroll wheel to adjust the volume separately from the phone
Plug: 3.5mm \ 2.5mm \ 4.4mm, support car AUX
Size: 68mm * 39mm * 14.5mm
Weight: 50g


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