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TRI Grace-C 2 Core 6N Single Crystal Copper Silver Plated+4N HIFI Pure Copper Mixed Cable for Earphones MMCX/2PIN /TFZ/QDC bl-03

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Style: 2PIN
Size: 2.5mm
Brand: KBEAR
Product Name:Grace-C
Color: Copper
Connector: MMCX/2Pin/QDC/TFZ
Specification: Mainline 2 core with a total of 630 strands
63-Strand 6N OCC Silver Plated and 252-Strand 4N Pure Copper Wires
Plug Type: 3.5mm/2.5mm/4.4mm
Wearing Mode:Around ears
Note:the cable length is manually measured,there may be slight errors

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