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KBEAR KS2 1DD + 1 Customized BA In Ear Headphone

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Color: Black
Type: no mic

One Year Warranty & Free Shipping Available

Exclusive Private Mold 4 Composite DD+BA Units Earphone

Balanced Armature unit + 10mm composite diaphragm (PU+Biological Diaphragm) dynamic driver unit for one side. Real physical frequency division, bringing 4D sound stage. Affordable fresh earphone enthusiasts positioning, with extraordinary sound quality.

Housing Cavity

The housing cavity is made of imported high-density PC material, which can well suppress the diffuse reflection of sound waves inside the cavity. Through the optimization of the acoustic structure of the internal cavity, the overall sound is more warm and charming, the soft nd mellow audio performance is reproduced as the real picture.

Surging Power System, Excellent Listening Effect

The DD unit has rich infectious mid-low frequency and more relaxed and natural characteristics. The BA unit has better resolution, transient and ductility at mid-high frequency. KBEAR KS2 is equipped with a combination of DD + BA through precision electronic frequency division processing, so that each unit can give full play to its performance and achieve accurate and delicate performance with low distortion in the entire frequencyband. Reproduce the sound effects loyal to the original sound, bring exquisite charm and dynamic.

Built-in 10mm Composite Diaphragm Moving Coil Unit

Tailor-made mellow sound quality, built-in 10mm composite diaphragm DD unit, its powerful low frequency response and transparent and mellow midrange performance, wide sound field, amazing sound quality, comprehensively improve the sound quality.

High Frequency Customized High-end BA Unit

The mid-to-high frequency uses high-end custom BA units, which can effectively improve the vocal resolution, the mid-frequency density is balanced, the sound is more mellow, the high-frequency is transparent and smooth, the lines are full, showing richer instrument details and more delicate music which performed.

Enhance Bass Texture Mid-basss is Clean and Smooth

In order to obtain a more pure sound performance and reduce multi-unit overlapping interference, KBEAR KS2 adopts aluminum alloy voice nozzle, which can effectively filter out the excess mid-high frequency of the woofer, ensure accurate frequency division, and enhance the bass texture while also making the mid-bass clean smooth.

Strong Sound Output in the Whole Frequency Band Interpreting Moving Melody Together

Exquisite electronic crossover, give full play to the potential of each sounding unit, adopt electronic dual crossover design, 4 units perform their duties, strong sound quality output in the whole frequency band, and jointly interpret the moving melody.

KBEAR KS2 exploded view

Focus on Technology Accumulation, Professional Acoustic Tuning

The overall curve is audible and very natural. The vocal details are rich, soft and non-irritating, the high-frequency beautiful air feels strong. The amount of low frequency is just right, the elasticity is good, and both listening and quality are considered.

KBEAR KS2 Frequency Response Graph

HIFI Cable, 2PIN Detached Cable Technology

Bright sound requires high-performance cables. The high-end 4 core OFC high-purity pure copper cables not only effectively improve the transparency, resolution, sound field, etc., making the sound bottom crystal clear, the vocals and musical instruments are more charming, but also reduce the signal transmission loss and distortion.

2PIN detached cable design improves playability. At the same time, the interface has been improved on the basis of 2 pin, adding a limit slot to extend the life of the headset.



Interface: 0.78mm 2Pin    

Frequency range: 20-20kHZ

Sensitivity: 106±3dB      

Impedance: 16Ω

Color: Green/Black         

Material: Environment protect PC

Whether with mic: Yes        

Plug: 3.5mm L curve gold plated connector

Cable material: Tinned copper  

Drive Unit: Hybrid 10mm composite diaphragm Dynamic Driver +Balanced Armature

Cable: High-end 4 core OFC high-purity pure copper cable


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