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UV-curing Resin Cavity

A translucent epoxy resin is used in the cavity whose surface is covered with German nice-fit UV varnish. The cavity is hard and anti-impact without yellowing, effectively protecting the BA unit for durability.
It has mild and comfortable contact with the skin without foreign body feeling. The overall looking is elegant and the color is as bright as the city neon.

Neon's Sound Signature

The straight tube design of Neon makes the BA unit very close to the eardrum, so the sound transmission loss is quite low. The sound background is clean and clear. Thus the lows sinks in place, strongly and powerfully, the mids reflects quite real, thick and full, and the high frequency is light and comfortable with good extension. It is suitable for people who enjoy listening to vocal, small composition, AKG, rock and roll genre.

Aluminum Alloy Acoustics Sound Guide Nozzle

The small caliber sound guide nozzle with 5.5mm length can prevent useless oscillation sound, thus realizing high definition sound effect. At the same time, the BA is closer to the eardrum to realize a more realistic and dynamic sound quality experience.

Professional Tuning Satisfies Picky Taste

Professional tuner team is invited to calibrate. Hundreds of picky ears focusing on calibration are only for better sound quality.

KBEAR Neon Frequency Response Graph

Lightweight Design

Light elements are used inside and outside the headset. A single headset weighs only 2.3g, wearing without pressure, releasing the burden of ears.

Knowles 29689 Full Frequency BA

Equipped with a 29689 full-frequency BA unit, Neon, after countless tuning and adjustment, presents a wide dynamic range to capture the music details, owning a powerful original sound restore ability, distinctive for its wide horizontal soundstage, clear, sweet, smooth and natural vocals.

4 Cores 4N Copper Silver-plated Cable

Neon adopts 0.78mm 2PIN interface with professional 4 cores 4N copper silver-plated cable, effectively improve the transparency, separation, sound field, etc., making the sound bottom rhyme quite clear, vocals and instruments more vivid.

Installation Guide

Brand: KBEAR
Model: Neon
Interface: 2PIN 0.78MM
Frequency response range: 20-20kHz
Sensitivity: 105DB
Impedance: 14Ω
Plug type: 3.5mm
Cable material: copper silver-plated


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