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A Secret Garden for all Audiophiles! Come and Join us!
A secret garden for all audiophiles! Come and Join us!

KZ ZS3 In Ear Earphone Stereo Headset Noise Cancelling Replaced Wire HIFI Bass Headset DJ Monitor Earphone Earbuds KZ ZA10 AS10



  1. Name: KZ ZS3

  2. Shell: Smooth

  3. Type: In Ear

  4. Driver: Dynamic

  5. Sensitivity: 106dB ± 3dB

  6. Impedance: 18ohm

  7. Frequency response: 20Hz-45000Hz

  8. Cable Length: 1.2m

  9. Plug Type: L Bending

  10. Color: With mic / without mic

  11. Package Contents: Eartips and Earphone