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Use o código KEEPHIFKTWH em Kbear, Tri, WGZBLON, HzSound por 10% de desconto antes de 28 de junho
Use o código KEEPHIFKTWH em Kbear, Tri, WGZBLON, HzSound por 10% de desconto antes de 28 de junho

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The Next Generation of Carbon Drivers

While DLC dynamic drivers might have seemed like the new frontier for premium audio quality, a new carbon-based driver technology has come to claim the throne: DOC. The T5 makes use of a 10mm DOC dynamic driver, with a diaphragm that is much thinner than previously, yet 60% stronger and more rigid. This is five times as hard as ceramic diaphragms, while still maintain the fast responsiveness of carbon diaphragms.

Durable and Long-Lasting

The DOC dynamic diaphragm is built to last, with a structure that will not deteriorate even after many years of regular use. This means that you still get the same amazing audio quality years down the line.

Completely Balanced Frequency Response

The T5’s DOC diaphragm produces a linear frequency response, with the audio reproduction tuned to perfection, making this the choice for audio engineers and musicians who are in need of precision.

Thanks to this, the mid frequencies avoid getting muddied between the highs and the lows, like might happen on less capable IEMs. This delivers transparency that allows for a coherent and clean musical experience.

Smooth, Detailed Sound

The TINHIFI T5 IEMs produce a bass response that is deceptively powerful, with an extended and high-resolution high-end. This all comes together to form a product that is industry-leading, and bound to make waves.

More Details

TINHIFI T5 earphone on smooth surface
TINHIFI T5 earphone and a leather case
1.Product: TIN T5
4.Earphone type: Earhook
5.Impedance: 48Ω±15%
6.Earphone sensitivity: 103dB±1dB@1kHz 0.126v
7.Frequency range: 10-20000Hz
8.Interface: 3.5mm black glue gold plated plug
9.Cable Length: 1.25m
11.Whether with cable: Yes
12.Earphone interface: Gold-plated 2Pin
13.Driver unit: DOC DD Driver


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