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Use o código KEEPHIFKTWH em Kbear, Tri, WGZBLON, HzSound por 10% de desconto antes de 28 de junho
Use o código KEEPHIFKTWH em Kbear, Tri, WGZBLON, HzSound por 10% de desconto antes de 28 de junho

BLON BL-Max Earphone Dual Dynamic Driver units Wired HIFI Headset Earbud Monitor blon max bl03

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Preço original $71.04
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Preço original $71.04
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Preço atual $36.68
Color: silver
Style: no mic

Earphone's Characteristics


10mm carbon diaphragm+6mm lightweight diaphragm

Precise Crossover Technology // Detachable High Quality Cable // Comfortable Ergonomic design // One-touch control all functions

Note: This is pre-sale product. There are only silver and gun colors in stock. And the shipping processing will start from 15th Oct. The blue will have stock in Nov.

Zinc Alloy Cavity More Excellent

The cavity is made from zinc alloy with more brilliant acoustic features. It has a great sense of quality, combining with double diaphragms, the sound is more natural.

Hybrid 10mm Carbon Diaphragm + 6mm Lightweight Diaphragm Dual Units

Carefully selected diaphragm units, material quality and sound quality are both superior. The low frequency is rich and comfortable, full of strength; at the same time, the vocals are natural and

magnetic, full of thickness!

Vibrant Metal Aesthetics

The cavity is made of zinc alloy, and the surface uses multiple processes: fine sandblasting, high-gloss drilling and cutting process, PVD plating, etc., simple but solid.

Exquisite Acoustic Guide Nozzle

The die-cast metal nozzle can effectively avoid sound resonance and achieve a more natural sound transmission. Although this is only a small detail in the design, but for the WGZBLON team, this is an

important part of improving sound performance!

Precise Crossover Give Full Play to the Potential of the Unit

BL-Max adopts the mainstream electronic crossover technology. The low, medium and high frequency bands are precisely crossed. Double moving coil units work together to achieve a three-

frequency performance that far exceeds the same price point.

With so much care put into the drivers, the tuning, and even the internal structure, the Emerald produces a sound that is nothing short of excellent.

The bass is full and able to underline the tracks appropriately, with the mids coming in with enough resolution to avoid muddying the music, and the high frequencies delivering smooth audio that is far

from shrill.

High-definition Condenser Microphone, One-touch Control of Functions

Adopt high-definition condenser microphone to ensure clear and noiseless calls. At the same time, integrated with in-line control function,

a button can easily control all functions!

The standard cable is designed with a 3.5mm straight connector for easy unplugging, and is compatible with most 3.5mm jack devices on the market!

More Details

Model: BL-Max
Wearing style: Ear-hook
Plug type: 3.5mm gold-plated straight plug
Frequency response: 20-20KHz
Headphone type: dual dynamic drivers headphone
Impedance: 32Ω
Pin type: 0.78mm 2pin
Color: silver, gun, blue
Sensitivity: 115dB
Cable length: 1.2m (silver wire)
Note: (data laboratory measured value, the actual use is slightly different according to the specific conditions)


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