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5 Balanced Armature Driver In-Ear Monitor, Turbulence in Balance

To provide superb performance in the mid and treble ranges, Skuld uses two different balanced armature drivers that come together to give the best quality of sound, with a Knowles composite RAF-32873 and a custom Kinera SWFK-31736. The low frequencies are covered with a Knowles CI-22955 for rich, deep bass.

The Skuld goes through both human and machine testing in the quest for perfect tuning. The frequency response is essentially flat, with no more than 4 dB between the peak and valley of the 0-8 kHz frequency range. This is the flattest frequency response curve that we have, only surpassed by the Kinera Odin.

Flat frequency response is one of the hallmarks of good sound quality. With only balanced armature drivers at work here, you get the high fidelity and dynamic audio that is characteristic of these drivers. Overall, all this comes together for detailed, graceful audio.

Skuld Driver Configuration

High-Quality Sounds Comes from High-Quality Parts

The Skuld makes use of five BA drivers to produce the amazing sound that comes from those earbuds.

The treble aspect of the audio profile is handled by a pair of custom Kinera SWFK-31736 drivers, in a composite configuration. These are so expertly crafted that they can accurately produce sounds even beyond the range of human hearing.

Another pair handles the mid-range frequencies, with the Knowles composite RAF-32873 in charge here. Kinera relies mostly on its midrange tones, but it is a full-frequency BA driver.

For the low-end, a Knowles CI-22955 driver produces deep, throaty bass, which is deceptively rich for the size of these IEMs.

These excellent drivers pair with the acoustic-minded build of the shell to produce rich, smooth music, better than anything else this small.

More Details

Kinera Skuld 5BA driver in-ear monitor
Kinera Skuld background
Kinera Skuld cavity design
Kinera Skuld tuning concept
Kinera Skuld driver configuration
Kinera Skuld 2 PIN connector and Skuld specification
Kinera Skuld frequency response curve
Kinera Skuld eartips details
Kinera Skuld cable specification
Kinera Skuld accessory list
Kinera Skuld on grass-1
Kinera Skuld on grass-2
Kinera Skuld hanging on water surface-1
Kinera Skuld hanging on water surface-2
Kinera Skuld hanging on water surface-3
Kinera Skuld hanging in black background

1. Brand: Kinera

2. Model: Skuld

3. Earphone type: In Ear Earphone

4. Impedance: 23Ω

5. Earphone sensitivity: 120±2dB

6. Frequency response range: 5-50k Hz

7. Plug Type: 4.4mm

8. Cable Length: 1.2m

9. Whether with cable: Yes

10. Earphone connector: 0.78mm 2Pin

11. Driver unit: 3 Knowles BA + 2 Kinera Customized BA each sides


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