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Use o código KEEPHIFKTWH em Kbear, Tri, WGZBLON, HzSound por 10% de desconto antes de 28 de junho
Use o código KEEPHIFKTWH em Kbear, Tri, WGZBLON, HzSound por 10% de desconto antes de 28 de junho

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10mm Dynamic Driver + Knowles Balanced Armature

The QoA Vesper is a lightweight pair of IEMs. The design is simple yet extremely elegant. Not only is the Vesper a capable piece of audio equipment but it catches the eye like few other IEMs.

Hybrid Balanced Armature + Dynamic Driver combo for rich, detailed audio

By using the Knowles 32873 balanced armature drivers paired with 10mm dynamic drivers, the Vesper produces nothing short of high-quality sound, with none of the musical detail going amiss.

Despite their small size, the bass rivals that of larger IEMs and the treble remains crisp and clear. No matter the kind of music you listen to through the Vesper, it will sound better than you have ever heard it.

Small package but big power

Most people see small IEMs and expect ‘small’ sound, but the Vesper breaks that idea apart. Despite the small shell, the sound that the drivers inside produce is huge. Thanks to the intimately detailed audio from the BA driver and the large soundstage that the dynamic driver produces, the resulting audio is an acoustic masterpiece for this size.

Every curve crafted with purpose

Such a small space means that every turn, every curve, and every flat surface needs to be utilized to its full potential. The QoA Vesper’s shell was crafted with its acoustics in mind every step of the way, giving you an audio experience that places you at the center of the music.

More Details

QOA Vesper earphone frequency response curve
QOA Vesper earphone specification
QOA Vesper earphone hybrid BA DD combination and tiny body detail
QOA Vesper earphone structure
QOA Vesper earphone high-quality in-ear sound insulation
Gray QOA Vesper earphone on board
Green QOA Vesper earphone on board
QOA Vesper earphone storage bag
QOA Vesper earphone cable
QOA Vesper earphone package
Gray QOA Vesper earphone on board
Gray QOA Vesper earphone display-1
Green QOA Vesper earphone on board
QOA Vesper earphone cable display
Gray QOA Vesper earphone display-2
Green QOA Vesper earphone display-1
Gray QOA Vesper earphone display-3
Green QOA Vesper earphone display-2

1. Brand: QOA

2. Model: Vesper

3. Earphone type: In Ear Earphone

4. Impedance: 16Ω

5. Earphone sensitivity: 116dB

6. Frequency response range: 20-20k Hz

7. Plug Type: 3.5mm

8. Cable Length: 1.2m

9. Whether with cable: Yes

10. Earphone connector: 0.78mm 2Pin

11. Cable Material: Copper + Silver Braided

12. Driver unit: 1DD + 1 Knowles BA


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