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Use o código KEEPHIFKTWH em Kbear, Tri, WGZBLON, HzSound por 10% de desconto antes de 28 de junho
Use o código KEEPHIFKTWH em Kbear, Tri, WGZBLON, HzSound por 10% de desconto antes de 28 de junho

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Multiple Audio Inputs for Maximum Versatility

Say goodbye to those days when you would have to unplug your audio devices from your amp every time you chose to switch. With the MT-603, there is space for up to four different audio inputs which can be switched with just the push of a button.

The Legendary 12AU7 Pre-Amp Tube

The xDuoo MT-603 relies on the prestigious 12AU7 vacuum tube for its audio processing, and by making use of it, it can amplify the audio without feeling harsh or shrill. You get accurate and smooth amplification of your audio signals.

Professional-Grade Capacitors for Steady Audio

Other companies may not pay as much attention to their capacitors, but these are an integral part of the amplifier and they deserve to be the highest quality attainable. The MT-603 makes use of professional capacitors to ensure that in the case of any heavy power draw, your audio remains stable and uninterrupted.

More Details

XDUOO MT-603 Multiple Choice Pre-amp
XDUOO MT-603 Multiple audio imputs
XDUOO MT-603 utilize 12AU7 tube, make the sound sweet and soft
XDUOO MT-603 utilize Toneluck switch
XDUOO MT-603 profeessional capacitors
XDUOO MT-603 Gold-plated RCA port
XDUOO MT-603 alloy shell
XDUOO MT-603 parameters

Power Supply: DC12V/2A
Frequency Response: 10HZ 40KHZ(士0.5DB)
S/N:100DB, Gain: 0DB
Size: 12X7.8X4cm
Weight: 0.36KG


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One Year Warranty

KEEPHIFI warrants that your KEEPHIFI device and KEEPHIFI accessories shall, as of the date of delivery, be free from material defects for a period of one (1) year. (The date of delivery is considered the date that our delivery service has recorded delivering your KEEPHIFI product as per delivery tracking, not any other date.). This warranty extends only to personal use & does not extend to any product that has been used for commercial use, rental use, or use that is not intended. To be eligible for warranty service, you must contact service@keephifi.com under warranty, within the warranty period.

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