KBEAR Aurora Launch

KBEAR is back at it again with the latest-released Aurora. I'm sure everybody remembers the original release of the KBEAR Diamond, a single-driver IEM with a gorgeous design and an authentic look. Shortly after the release of the Diamond, KBEAR released the Believe single-driver IEM with the now-familiar Diamond design. Unlike the Diamond, which featured a single diamond-like-carbon (DLC) coated 8.5mm driver, Believe used a single 9mm pure beryllium driver. KBEAR released an official statement on their Facebook page that the new Aurora can actually compete with the sound performance of Believe. This means that if you enjoyed their Believe model, the new Aurora may be something of interest to you.

The jump from the Diamond model to the Believe model was clearly an upgrade in terms of the driver size, and so is the jump from Believe to Aurora. It features a single 10mm driver with a "Strong Magnetic Nano Titanium-plated Diaphragm". That makes it larger in size by 2mm, but it also uses a different diaphragm. Besides the change in the driver size & technology, Aurora comes in a brand new design, something fresh!

KBEAR has already established itself as an original manufacturer in the IEM space, having designed several "now-iconic" designs. Some of these include: Diamond, TRI i3, Lark, Starlight, and Starshine. The brand-new Aurora features a design approach we haven't yet seen from KBEAR. Like the TRI i3 series, Aurora features a mirror-finished body. However, unlike the TRI i3, the company has decided to spicy it up a little bit with blue accents. Not only this, but this is one of the few IEMs that feature KBEAR's typography logo instead of their often-featured letter "K" logo. From what we have seen in the past, it feels as though this is the most complete design from KBEAR aestheticwise. If TRON:Legacy was an IEM, it would be KBEAR Aurora.

Another reason why the Aurora can be considered as their most aesthetically complete design is because of the attention to detail. When you take a closer look at it as a whole, you can see that both the cable and the ear-tips are matching the blue aesthetic of the Aurora.

Like the large majority of the previous releases, Aurora will use 2-pin 0.78mm connectors. It looks as though it will be using a new cable model with a solid blue look. The cable will be an OFC silver-plated copper cable.

Judging from the released photos, the Y-Splitter is larger than usual and is in a matching mirror finish. The 2-pin connectors' housing is wider towards the top. Another detail about the cable is that the 2-pin design is flat — it's not recessed, it's not protruding, it's flat. The same goes for the 2-pin female connectors on the shells, except they have a very small cutout around them, giving them a slight recessed look.

It is very exciting to see a new product from KBEAR! This is a company that has shown time after time that it cares about the people buying its products. With their teasing on Facebook, we are expected to see more releases from KBEAR this year.

KBEAR Aurora retails for $169, and provides the debut price $139 for a week.


Kbear aurora

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