NEW BLON BL07 is coming,will it be better than BL03?

Brand-new fiber diaphragm to restore soundstage

  • BL07 have one 10mm fiber diaphragm ,it has high resolution and excellent capability in restoring to produce more real and touching sound. It outperforms in timbre details as well than the traditional dynamic driver earphones.

Born with gorgeous appearance

  • BL07's Die-cast with bright zinc alloy, the cavity with multi-angular cut surfaces applies the rhombohedral craft in cutting and polishing to present delicate texture. This, in synergy with dynamic driver, makes BL07 be endowed with outstanding looking and excellent sound.bl07

HiFi-level good timbre

  • BL07 was supported by the HiFi-level dynamic driver, BL07 comes with a broad frequency response up to 20-20KHz and can precisely render rich details of high-resolution music to make sound immersive and extensive.bl07

Durable 0.78mm 2Pin connector

  • The curving design adopted in BL07's connector makes it more convenient for plug in and out. The other end of earphone cable is equipped with standard 3.5mm straight jack with metal shell. This detachable design enables us to change cable freely and improve the applicability of earphone.bl07

The detachable design in earphone cable

  • We can change the cable freely and the applicability of earphone gets further enhanced.

Cable-replaceable design

  • The original 2Pin 0.78mm cable of BL07 is replaceable and we can upgrade it based on requirements. Meanwhile, the 2Pin connector has been improved from the traditional version by adding the limit slot to be more sturdy and durable.bl07

Professional tuning

  • BL07 was tuned by professional acoustic engineers with experience for 15 years. They dedicated themselves to tuning in persuit for better timbre. Through repetitive adjustments, the high-level timbre with comfortable and powerful bass, extremely magnetic mids, clear and pure treble has been achieved.

HD microphone, All-in-one control button

  • The high-definition microphone of BL07 ensures calling to be clear without noise. All accessible line-control functions have been intergrated to be performed by the single button.bl07

Eye-catching appearance makes it more unique

  • Applying the design of ear-hook wearing and customized outline, BL07 armed with earhooks made of memory hose is in accordance with ergonomics to make it comfortable and elegant to wear.

Premium and HiFi-level transparent silver cable

  • The transparent silver cable of BL07 is strong in tensile strength and anti-interference capability. It ensures faster transmission rate, clearer sound and effectively improves the durability.bl07

Combination of varying materials, Fusion of music and technology

  • BL07 is equipped with zinc-alloy cavity, high-quality silver cable and light-grey ear tips. It exceeds in the beautiful looking with brilliant texture and exceptional timbre.bl07

Product Parameters

  • Wearing Method:Ear-hook
  • Plug Type: 3.5mm gold-plated straight jack                                             
  • Frequency Response: 20-20KHz
  • Earphone Type:  Single Dynamic Driver                                    
  • Impedence: 16Ω
  • Interface Type: 0.78mm 2Pin                                        
  • Colors: Gun/ Silver/ Purple
  • Sensitivity:  115db                                           
  • Cable Length: 1.2m (silver cable)
  • Note: (All data is measured by statistic lab. It may be subject to difference under specific conditions.)
Blon bl07

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