KBEAR Aurora (2022) Reviews

Need power to be better (just about the sound)


  • Pretty nice with a good DAP
  • nice wearing and cavity


  • lack of texture
  • sub-bass

It was at the Beijing exhibition that I heard some news about KBEAR Aurora. It is praised by a lot of friends of mine, so I am wondering what Aurora sounds like. A friend lent me his but I didn’t have any spare time to review it. Now the new Version comes and I received the review sample of KBEAR, wish KBEAR will be better and better.KBEAR Aurora

Before writing, here is what I declare:

  • 1.I will return the sample after review it. and it won’t be a full review.
  • 2.I just review the sound.
  • 3.My words is exactly what I thought.


  • The driver is a 10mm Titanium-coated diaphragm single DD, and I was told it is a good unit with a high cost, I tell the good or bad only from the sound.

Part one: IKKO ITM01 & stock cable

  • This combination provides a very “right” sound. I bought ITM01 for my phone when I am out. I didn’t review ITM01 before, the sound of ITM01 is not tasted but very simple and natural. The Aurora with ITM01 sounds right, reasonable and regular but dry. The images are condensed but not stable enough. But I like warm and tasted so I don’t think it is an enjoyable combination. According to most of people, these units may sound good, at least not bad.kbear aurora 2022 review

Part two: Dethonray DTR1+ & TRI Grace-S

  • You can easily tell the sound is more powerful and stable in many ways. Yes, Aurora shows its huge potential, bigger sound field and regular images like a real flagship(I know someone would say that no flagship under $500 or $1000 so I say like a flagship). the sound is balanced and tasted with a good texture.
  • The bass is faster and more powerful, I think the sub-bass is not enough so the texture is not perfect, if you are not too picky it sounds good. And the mids are shinning and near, cohesive and smooth, when it turns to some IF instruments, Oh great resolution and right position.
  • Yes the sound has a lot to do with DTR1+ and Grace-S, but what I want to say is that the cable, player and the earphones are working together for better sound, everything matters and manages to prove what Aurora could be.


  • There are a lot of excellent competitors at such a price, and many are good enough.

Falcon Pro:

  • Yes it is more expensive, and I think Falcon Pro is better than Aurora in many ways. But Falcon is not too much expensive IMO. If you don’t have a good source to drive them well, you may find Falcon really better, the sound is more exquisite and regular than Aurora. When you have something good to drive them things change, Aurora will be a good competitor of Falcon in some ways, such as the mids and resolution. But I think if someone has a good DAP he will not just buy an IEM at this price. He may turn to JVC FW10000 or Turii.


  • The same price and a star product from Moondrop. If you drive them with ITM01, the power will be almost enough for KATO while not for Aurora. While I think it is not reasonable to release some IEM which are hard to drive in this price since reviewers are not your customers, reviewers have good source while most of users may just drive them by some portable DAPs like DC05, UA2 or ITM01. Luckily that Aurora works well with such portable DAPs and will be much better when meeting good source.I think KATO is just the opposite, it is funny and tasted when you drive it casually but bad with big-power DAPs.
  • KATO has a good sub-bass, it is not like moondrop, at least not like the moondrops I heard before. Nice try.

Whizzer HE03D:

  • If you like the design of HE03D, just pick it because it is really beautiful. As for the sound, HE03D is a little exquisite, but I think Aurora sounds better than HE03D and HE03D has little potential in many ways IMO. So Aurora for sound and HE03D for design.

IE40 Pro:

  • I think Aurora will be more fit with music while ie40pro is just for someone to work. The bass of IE40Pro is a little weird for me. but it is right in some way according to my friend, a drummer. Once I kept listening to IE40Pro for a week because this is my only one left, I think that week was helpless.

While I want to talk more and write more, English is not my first language, I post NA2+ and NM2+ and HANA in my Chinese review, if someone wants to have a discussion, it is my pleasure.

Kbear aurora

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