What is Keephifi Rewards?

  • If you want to save more money while shopping on Keephifi , you can join Keephifi Rewards Program.
  • keephifi rewards program is always free to participate, you can earn exclusive rewards every time you shop.your rewards is available forever.
  • Rewards are linked to your email address.

How it Works?

  • 1.Sign up : Create an account and start earning.
  • 2.Earn Points: Earn points every time you shop.
  • 3.Redeem: Redeem points for exclusive discounts.

How to Earn Points

  • 1.Sign  up  / 300 points;
  • 2.Place an order  /  5 Points for every $1 spent;
  • 3.Follow on Twitter  /  50 points;
  • 4.Follow on Instagram  /  50 points;
  • 5.Share on Facebook   /  50 points.

How to Spend Points

  • Order Discount: 100 points = $1
  • Step 1: Sign into your KEEPHIFI account;
  • Step 2: Click on the Rewards button on the lower left corner of the page,what the rewards button looks like:
  • Step 3: Click on "Way to Redeem" and your points will be converted into a coupon code. (Once you create a coupon code, the points are locked into it. If you need to edit your redeemed rewards total, you'd have to reach out to us first.)


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