TRI Meteor,a new In-ear Earphone from TRI

Author: Voja

You've asked for it, and here it is: Meteor.


For the people that asked for a warmer TRI IEM, TRI has delivered the Meteor specifically for you. This is one of the releases that KBEAR talked about when they said they will have more releases till the end of the year.

 This time around, we got a hybrid IEM from TRI. Meteor features a dual driver array: 10MM Beryllium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver and a Knowles ED-29689 balanced armature driver.



We've seen TRI explore the colorful world of shells, the mirror finish, and the anodized aluminum finish. However, we haven't truly seen something as tame as the Meteor. It features purple-ish EGGER resin shells and a black & silver faceplate under the resin.

In terms of the shell size, it appears to be leaning towards the larger size, just like the Starshine & Starlight.


The nozzle shares a similar design of the nozzle featured on the bigger-brother models Starshine and Starlight. While the previously-mentioned models have three openings in the nozzle, Meteor only has two.

Since the Meteor features a single vent, there should be no driver flex issues.

Onto the cable we go. I am personally very happy to see TRI going the matte-like anodized aluminum route for the housings on the cable. They are more attractive than the often-used mirror finished housings. Like the recent releases (Aurora, TRI i3 Pro, Starsea), Meteor has a 3.5mm cable. It is a black cable in color with white accents for the brand's logo. The technical specifications for the cable are: 2-pin 0.78mm connectors, 5N OFC cable material.


I am also very happy to see TRI pushing its great packaging. I was pleasantly surprised with KBEAR Aurora's packaging, so I am looking forward to a similar experience with Meteor's packaging.



If this doesn't satisfy the audience that asked for a warmer sound signature, then I guess TRI will have to go all out and release a warm-sounding flagship, but let's hope that's not the case :)

For those looking for a budget-friendly IEM, Meteor is $99 from 10.28-11.12. After the promotional phase, Meteor will retail for $109

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Tri meteor

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The product was shipped fast by store and here in my home. Am testing the yet. But the first print really surprised me the quality, considering your price range. Recommend without question. Will be a very reputable US market.

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