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  • TRI Meteor Coming now...
    Oktober 28, 2021

    TRI Meteor Coming now...

    Author: Voja You've asked for it, and here it is: Meteor.   For the people that asked for a warmer TRI IEM, TRI has delivered the Meteor specifically for you. This is one of the releases that KBEAR talked about...

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  • KBEAR Aurora Launch
    August 28, 2021

    KBEAR Aurora Launch

    Author: VOJA KBEAR is back at it again with the latest-released Aurora. I'm sure everybody remembers the original release of the KBEAR Diamond, a single-driver IEM with a gorgeous design and an authentic look. Shortly after the release of the Diamond, KBEAR released...

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  • The Design Concept and Tuning Target of CCZ Plume
    Juli 2, 2021

    The Design Concept and Tuning Target of CCZ Plume

    Appearance designing When designing the Plume's appearance, we want to achieve a large cavity with a very stable and comfortable fit.  After several detailed adjustments, we got a front shell with a large and solid enough space.  The rear cavity...

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