The Design Concept and Tuning Target of CCZ Plume

Appearance designing

When designing the Plume's appearance, we want to achieve a large cavity with a very stable and comfortable fit. 

After several detailed adjustments, we got a front shell with a large and solid enough space. 

The rear cavity adopts a superimposed design——the golden metal cover is embedded with a black metal mesh, which is matched with the overall golden metal cavity to enhance the senses of hierarchy and quality.

 Close-fitting Design

An ergonomic ear fin is added to the rear of the cavity under the big data design of the auricle and ear canal, providing a more comfortable, more stable, and lighter experience for audiophiles. 

All in all, CNC precision carving technology and double cavity molding are applied to increase the cost-effectiveness of this IEM. 

Sound Target

CCZ Plume is a hybrid (single dynamic driver and 4 balanced armature) metal in-ear earphone. 

It adopts a dual magnetic circuit 10mm moving coil(DD) developed by CCZ independently. This DD has a recognizable sound, sensitive transient response, surging bass, and grand sound field. These characteristics are all in the Plume whose performance is quite vivid. Additionally, the 4 customized balanced armatures (2 CCZ-IF-A for Mid-high frequency and 2 CCZ-HI-A for high frequency) and professional crossover tuning, make the Plume has broad compatibility. 

From the symphony of the big compilation to the soft music, all with ease. The high frequency is clear with rich details. Although it is a little bit toothy, it is still within the acceptable range and not harsh. The density of the mid-frequency sound is tight, and the female vocal is a bit more pleasing than the male vocal. The low-frequency has a deep dive having an excellent texture and sufficient quantity. Although it is a bit-banging, the separation is good to ensure the details of other frequencies and enough low-frequency volume. Therefore, its three-frequency connection is smooth.  

Picture source: PexelsAnton H 

Ccz plume

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