NF AUDIO NM2 IEM | Unboxing & Review

Here is my video review of the NF Audio NM2 :

The sub-bass has decent rumble with a good extension that reaches pretty deep. The mid-bass is controlled, having sufficient impact. The bass also sounds clean and articulate, with drums and bass guitars having an average impact with decent rumble and vibration. The bass region possesses a good amount of warmth, but not too exaggerated. The bass does not at all bleed into the other frequencies.


The mids sound neutral with a tad bit warm. The timbre on this iem sounds realistic thus having a light note weight. Vocals sound clean and clinical, with good details and good articulation. The male vocals do not have that authoritative and mellow sound that is pleasant, but they do sound clean. The instruments sound detailed, with pianos and guitars sounding clean and with not much added colour.


The highs sound a tad bit forward and personally, bright. The treble is brimming with energy, making tracks sound more lively and energetic. The highs have a realistic representation which plays the exact sound that is being recorded in the studio. Due to this, poorly recorded tracks will suffer and be exposed. Cymbal crashes and electric guitars do sound harsh sometimes.


The soundstage is decent with the depth being pretty average, the width decent and the height being a tad above average, making the soundstage like a private room, but with a taller ceiling. The imaging is great with the instruments being in their correct positions. The sound separation is good as I was able to distinguish all the different sounds and instruments in tracks.


The NM2 is for people that like to analyse music tracks as it has a good detail retrieval with a clean and clinical experience due to it not having much colour added. For $99usd this is pretty good value for money, being tuned for professional music producers or listeners but there are quite a few competition out there for general listening.

Where to buy:

Nf audio nm2

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