TinHiFi T3 Plus Review!

 After 30 hours of burn-in and observation, here are my thoughts about the TinHiFi T3 Plus – a relatively new IEM that uses an LCP Driver. We’ll answer if this is better, exactly the same, or underwhelming vs the IEM that uses also an LCP driver on its configuration - The Moondrop Aria.T3 Plus


  • I luckily won this unit in a previous raffle conducted by KeepHiFi and TinHiFi. Rest assured that this review will do its best to remove any form of bias/es.
  • The following remarks and observations shall be made and owned only by me.
  • No monetary compensation is/was involved before, during, and after the period of creation of this review.
  • Your mileage may (and always, will) vary.
  • Burn-in time: 5 hours per day, 6 days.T3 Plus

Source/s used:

  • Hidizs AP80
  • Not-By-VE Avani Realtek Dongle
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 (WM1811 DAC)
  • Non-HiFi smartphone (realme 5i)
  • Local Files via Foobar and Roon, YouTube Music, Deezer, and Qobuz with UAPP.

IEM setup configuration:

  • Stock preinstalled ear tips, stock cable, MSEB, or any form of EQ off, 40-60% volume, low and high gain.

Sound signature:

  • Balanced with an ever-so-slight hint of warmth. Thick, controlled bass, clear natural mids, controlled, well-done treble presentation. Wide soundstage, excellent imaging, and separation for its price range. Very good detail retrieval without being analytical.T3 Plus


  • Lows are present and appear whenever the track needed bass. Controlled, thick lows, with almost even amounts of sub-bass and midbass with above-average depth. Decay leans on the quicker side. Bass goes deep without any noticeable bleed on other frequencies. Bassheads can be satisfied with this lows presentation but won’t be enough for those people who want a punchier, hard-hitting bass response.


  • Mids are almost linear but with a slight hint of being warmth. Lower notes exhibit decent thickness and weight. It is also detailed as well. On a non-Hifi source, the lower mids may experience a slight recession. Upper mids are above average in clarity and sparkle and avoid any peaks or sibilance. Overall, the mids are above average in terms of clarity and details without being too intimate or forward.


  • Highs are present with natural, controlled extension. Above-average detail retrieval, air, and sparkle for its asking price. No existence of any roll-off, peaks or pierce here as well. Overall, the presentation of the treble is natural and excellent for most people but not for those people who ask for more treble energy.T3 Plus

Soundstage, Imaging, and separation:

  • The soundstage is above-average, wider than deep. It does exhibit a hint of being holographic on my observations and tests. Separation is also excellent for its price, one of the best I heard for 60USD. Imaging is also precise and can handle busy tracks fairly well. Overall, the technicalities of the T3 Plus are a big step up from budget IEMs I’ve heard and tested under the 60$ price point.


Vs the Moondrop Aria:

  • The T3 Plus and the Aria share the same characteristic – thick lows, slightly warm mids, natural highs. However, the T3 plus excels in the technicalities, particularly on imaging, separation, and detail retrieval. Its mids also aren’t as recessed as the Aria, its bass is also lesser in quantity as well. Overall, the T3 Plus is a much more detailed Aria with lesser lows quantity and more detail retrieval, and better technicalities. Its fit is also better on most ears. Paint chipping is also non-existent, as a bonus.

Vs the Audiosense AQ0:

  • The Audiosense AQ0 overall sounds much livelier and more fun than the T3 plus due to its basshead-approved bass quality and quantity. Mids are also much more recessed on the AQ0 by a fairly small margin when compared. Treble is much more extended on the AQ0 as well. Soundstage and imaging are nearly the same on both IEMs, but the T3 Plus is a little better on the separation. Fit and feel are very good on both IEMs but the T3 Plus is much better. Overall, The AQ0 gives the decent “fun”, while the T3 Plus gives the “mature laugh”.T3 Plus


  • Excellent sound quality for its price (69$)
  • Thick, controlled lows
  • Clear yet detailed mids
  • Natural highs extension
  • Excellent detail retrieval
  • Above-average technicalities for its asking price
  • One of the best fit and isolation (subjective)
  • Fairly easy to be driven, but will scale and sound better from a powerful/decent source.
  • Generous set of accessories.


  • Bassheads may ask for more punch (subjective)
  • Trebleheads may ask for more treble energy (subjective)
  • Aside from those stated, none for its asking price.T3 Plus


  • In a world full of Pro, Max, Ultra, This UIEM-looking T3 exists as the Plus version of the T3 lineup. The TinHiFi T3 Plus proved itself to be the “better” IEM with an LCP driver – not only for those IEMs with the same driver configuration, but also for those existing IEMs around the same price range of 60-69USD. This IEM will definitely be with my list of IEM recommendations for those people finding a matured-sounding, all-rounder IEM.
Tinhifi t3 plus

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