TRI Meteor Review!

TRI Meteor Review!


  • - The “best” u-shaped sounding IEM under 100usd I have experienced so far (subjective)
  • - Fatigue-free, smooth sound
  • - Enticing packaging and presentation
  • - Very good set of accessories
  • - Thumpy, controlled lows
  • - Clear enough mids
  • - Fatigue free highs without any instances of being rolled off
  • - One of the best IEMs under 100usd that offers a great fit and isolation
  • - Scaled and benefits well from a fairly powerful source.


  • - Packaging too big for an IEM, should've been a bit smaller and can still fit everything that is included inside (subjective)
  • - Veiled mids when not paired with a fairly powerful source
  • - Treble lacks air
  • - Technical performance is slightly below average for its asking price.


  • Bass is elevated but in a controlled presentation. It is thumpy as you can slightly feel it below like a subwoofer, with a subbass dominance over midbass. Decay is average and slightly leans at the quicker side of decay. The texture is also average. Overall, the lows are thumpy, controlled, and can accommodate bassy tracks such as EDM, Rock, and Metal tracks.


  • The mids are recessed and relaxed for the most part, which has some midbass bleed presence that can make the voices sound veiled at times. This situation is lessened when paired with a fairly powerful source. Lower mids sounded slightly thin than what I expected, but not too thin like it is coming from a brighter pair of IEM despite having that midbass bleed. Upper mids are slightly elevated with average clarity and air, doing a good job avoiding any peaks or sibilance.


  • The treble is slightly elevated but not as elevated compared to the lows. It is presented in a smooth manner with average level of extension and air. Most of my co-hobbyists and I myself find that the treble on the meteor lacks a bit of air, but at the same time it will not offend those ears who are sensitive to brightness or elevated treble presence. Detail retrieval is just average and can accommodate most nuances on most tracks. As a result, the TRI Meteor offers a fatigue-free listening experience.

Soundstage, imaging, and separation:

  • The soundstage is average with good levels of expansion. It is wide but slightly lacks depth on my tests. Separation is also average with some instances of congestion on very busy tracks. Imaging is accurate enough and can pinpoint voices and instruments fairly well. Overall, the technicalities are good enough, but may not be competitive enough for its asking price.
  • The TRI Meteor is an IEM that offers a smooth, non-fatiguing sound that will please most people. Not to mention that its fit is also excellent in terms of comfort and isolation. However, in the audiophile, or at least the Audio enthusiast perspective, this IEM is one of those IEMs that performs really well on its tonality but is a bit behind on the technicalities for its asking price. It isn't worse or anything, far from it actually. But it still needs some improvement on that aspect to be able to be rightfully justified for its price. The TRI Meteor will be one of my recommendations if you're looking for a fatigue-free sound with very good tonality but don't care too much about the technical performance side of things.
Tri meteor

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