• Having a unique environmental advantage, China has always been a big consumer of earphone products and a major manufacturer of internationally famous earphone brands. While due to  changes in the global economy, many international brand earphone manufacturers have withdrawn from the Chinese market.

  • After nearly 30 years’ development, China has formed the world's most mature and complete earphone manufacturing system, with advanced HIFI earphone research and development technical talents. The founding team of KeepHifi is one of them.

  • We are engaged in research and development of HIFI headphones, structural design of audio products, on-site management of HIFI headphones, etc. in many big international headset companies. In China, years of experience in the HIFI headset industry make us have a huge resource advantage.

  • The number of Chinese earphone manufacturers is huge, and the technical strength is also quite strong. At the same time, it has many advantages: high quality, high efficiency, large scale and low cost. However, there is a shortcoming in brand promotion in the international market. Many high-quality Chinese earphone brands are little known in the international market. In this industry, the most noise is from those craftsmen by making products, not the brand's voice. 

  • KeepHifi team has been deeply immersed in the international earphone enthusiast circle for many years, possessing very rich marketing experience in cross-border e-commerce. With a very deep understanding of global customer preferences and market needs, we have established a long-term stable partnership with many high-quality China’s headset brands.

  • Keephifi builds a bridge that connects global consumers with Chinese earphone brands at the center of Keephifi independent station platform. It is committed to introduce China’s most advanced and popular HiFi earphones to the world stage, and help a lot of excellent China’s branded earphones going global, so that global consumers can purchase trusted Chinese HIFI headphones.

  • Our blueprint is to listen to the world's voice via Chinese earphones, and enable people to listen to the world in our way, which is also a common ideal of many excellent China’s branded earphone manufacturers.

  • Sincerely Yours.

  • KEEPHIFI Team.



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