CCZ Emerald is one of the “best” IEMs

Good Day! Here are my comments and a comprehensive evaluation of the CCZ Emerald - a relatively new IEM and one of three IEMs produced by CCZ, a relatively new company.


>KeepHiFi Sandy Ccz provided me with this review sample in return for my honest opinion and views on the Emerald. Rest assured that this review will be as devoid of bias/es as possible.
>The following remarks and observations shall be made and owned only by me.
>No monetary compensation is/was involved before, during, and after the period of creation of this review.
>Your mileage may (and always, will) vary.
【Burn-in time】: 5 hours per day, 3 days.

【Source/s used】

>Hidizs AP80
>Not-By-VE Avani Realtek Dongle
>Samsung Galaxy S3 (WM1811 DAC)
>Non-HiFi smartphone (realme 5i)
>Local Files via Foobar and Roon, YouTube Music, Deezer, and Qobuz with UAPP.

【Sound signature:】

>Balanced-warm. Big, controlled lows most of the time. Vocals can sound intimate on vocal-oriented tracks, Average soundstage.
Lows are present and elevated. It is thumpy and has a normal decay, not too fast nor too slow. Levels of midbass and sub-bass are both equal to my ears. Overall, the lows exhibit a controlled yet fun presentation for its asking price. Bassheads may enjoy this IEM on bass-heavy and EDM tracks.
Mids are warm and may suffer slight recession depending on the source paired with it due to some slight mid-bass bleed. Lower mids are thick and have decent clarity. Upper mids are slightly elevated compared to the lower mids and can sound intimate on vocal-oriented tracks. It also exhibits decent clarity with no presence of harshness and sibilance. Overall, the mids are pretty good and have a compelling presentation under 20USD due to its lush and smooth character.
Highs are also extended, although not by much as compared to comparable IEMs in this price range. Treble-heads may be disappointed by the absence of treble energy, but most ears will be satisfied. Average detail retrieval, you can fairly easy to catch the small nuances on tracks. Overall, the treble on this IEM settled for the safer side without being too rolled off.
【Soundstage, Imaging, and separation:】
The soundstage is average, wider than deep. Separation is also average; it can suffer a little bit of congestion on very busy tracks. Imaging is also accurate and good for most tracks such as pop, acoustic rock and EDM.
【Comparison/s: Vs the KZ ZEX】
>Both IEMs perform really good-even toe-to-toe when compared. The KZ ZEX sounds more “fun” and energetic compared to the CCZ Emerald. The bass on the ZEX is also punchier compared to the Emerald. The mids on the CCZ Emerald are much more forward compared to the ZEX. Treble on the ZEX is also much more extended and can suffer some instances of sibilance to sibilant-prone tracks in return. The Emerald on the other hand has a decent extension on the treble without getting hot or sibilant. The separation is also better on the CCZ Emerald by a fairly small margin. The ZEX sounded a little bit congested when compared overall.
>An All-rounder-sound
>Despite being an all-rounder, its presentation is somewhat different compared to the IEMs within its asking price (20usd or under)
>Smooth mids presentation
>Decent packaging and accessories, particularly the ear tips.
>Lightweight fit and feel, reminded me of the Final E1000 in terms of fit and feel.
>Fatigue-free listening experience.
>Very easy to be driven properly.
-Intimate vocals (subjective)
-Lack of treble energy for treble heads (subjective)
-Slight mid-bass bleed
-Aside from those stated, nothing really bad for its asking price (23USD)
The CCZ Emerald is one of the “best” IEMs I can recommend for IEMs within the 20-25USD price range. It pretty much hit all the characteristics of a decent IEM that is an all-rounder and can please most ears in terms of fit, comfort, isolation, and sound quality despite the company being new to this world full of IEMs being released almost every day. This IEM is already a good starting point for the company to improve its sound as time goes on.
Thank you for reading!
Writen by Aura-Fi

Ccz emerald

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