How to create an affiliate account?

  • Anyone can register for the affiliation program with KEEPHIFI. Just go to the homepage of KEEPHIFI, at the bottom under the Support section, find out " Keephifi Affiliate" then click on it.
  • you also can click here to join in,
  • welcome to Keephifi Affiliate portle ,click "Join Now";
  • 3.Fill up the form with the required credentials, then you become a registered affiliate with keephifi

How to use your affiliate account with Keephifi?

  • 1.Home Page: you can see your base commission and special commission for some special products. 
  • 2.Marketing Tools: you can create a special product affiliate link ;
  • 3.Analytics: see customer order status;
  • 4.Transactions: see your links conversion rate;
  • 5.Payments: Find out how much commission you earn;
  • 6.Settings: you need to fill out your social account and PayPal account .

When can you receive your commission?

  • When the customer place an order through your referral link without refunds, then we will pay you the commission after 30 days.

What's meaning of 30 Cookie Days?

  • From the moment one customer opens your referral link, you can earn a commission for orders placed within 30 days.

How to download a mobile apps for affiliate with KEEPHIFI?

  • The mobile apps are FREE to install and will stay FREE forever,the mobile app help you manage your links, earnings and payments simply.
  • Login if you already have an affiliate account or create a new account in the app;
  • When prompted enter the following STORE ID (or scan the QR code below)

    STORE ID: 7009202


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