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A Secret Garden for all Audiophiles! Come and Join us!
A secret garden for all audiophiles! Come and Join us!


  • KBEAR   KS2 reivews
    octobre 17, 2020

    KBEAR KS2 reivews

    About KBEAR KS2 reviews, they have many kinds of forms like articles, comments, videos and so on in different languages. Wanna know the battle with other brand model. Come and read it>
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  • TRI Starlight Reviews
    juin 12, 2020

    TRI Starlight Reviews

    Japanese Blog 【中華イヤホン Tri Starlight ファーストインプレッション】分解能を重視した星屑サウンドでメタル系のスピードロックサウンドに向く。静電型の繊細な粒立ち感が魅力 (by audio-sound @ hatena)  Link

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  • Blon BL-03 Reviews
    juin 2, 2020

    Blon BL-03 Reviews

    English Blog BLON BL-03 (V1) (by audiobudget) link Head-fi (by activatorfly) link (by baskingshark) link Video BLON BL-03 review - Let's have some fun (by iiWi Reviews) link  

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  • KBEAR KB10 Reviews
    juin 2, 2020

    KBEAR KB10 Reviews

    English   Head-fi KBEAR KB10 (by droido256) Link Video KBEAR KB10 In Ear Monitor Earbuds 5BA Balanced IEM Review (by Wreck it. Or Tech it.) Link   Russian Video Наушники KBEAR KB10: старые знакомые (by SyncerTech) Link   Spanish Video...

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  • KBEAR Knight Reviews
    juin 2, 2020

    KBEAR Knight Reviews

    English Blog KBEAR Knight (by Nicolas Zaza) Link KBEAR KNIGHT REVIEW – A VALOROUS DISPLAY (by Crabbos) Link   Indonesia Video (by Jackfied) Link   Russian Video (by soundcheck39) Link     日本語レビュー KBEAR Knightレビュー (By miineco106)   【インナーイヤー型中華イヤホン KBEAR Knight...

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  • KBEAR Hi7 Reviews
    mai 26, 2020

    KBEAR Hi7 Reviews

    English: Blogs: KBEAR hi7 Review – I Saw The Light ( by Jürgen Kraus)   KBEAR Hi7 ——Review (by   Videos: KB Ear Hi7 earphones review (by Porta.Fi )   Other languages: Blogs: KBEar HI7: флагманские семидрайверные...

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  • KBEAR KB06 Reviews
    mai 25, 2020

    KBEAR KB06 Reviews

    English: Blogs: KBear KB06 in-ear Monitor Review | Audiofool Reviews (By Wiljen)     KB EAR KB06-Review (By   KB EAR KB06  Dynamic Driver + 2 × Balanced Armatures (By )   Head-Fi: KB Ear...

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    mai 25, 2020


    English:  Blogs: KBEAR KB04 REVIEW link: (by Crabbons) link: (by cqtek) KBEAR KB04 REVIEW   link: (by The Phonograph net) KBEAR KB04 Review II – Good All Rounder for Beginners link: (by baskingshark) KBEAR KB04 REVIEW: Vivid & cohesive sound at bargain price...

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  • KBEAR F1 Reviews
    mai 22, 2020

    KBEAR F1 Reviews

    English Blog: Sound Perfection Reviews: KB Ear F1 (by Oscar Stewart) head-fi: KB Ear F1 - Reviews (CharlesRievone) Video: (by Porta.Fi) link1 (by David Sylvia) link2   日本語レビュー Kinboofi 「KB EAR F1」 本格的なシングルBAイヤホンが3千円台の低価格で登場。個性的デザインも楽しい話題の高音質中華イヤホン【レビュー】 (by bisonicr)   Kinboofi KB EAR F1レビュー(By miineco106)...

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