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  • CCZ Plume on hand
    août 17, 2021

    CCZ Plume – The Golden Child

    Author: Paul Wasabii Intro: The Plume is the first IEM and the current flagship from the newcomer CCZ.  It is a hybrid IEM with 10mm dynamic driver and 4BA wrapped in a premium golden colored shell.  The 4BA (2 of...

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  • Whizzer Kylin HE01 Review
    août 16, 2021

    Whizzer Kylin HE01 Review

    Auther: Kim Linno My experience with my new friends Whizzer Kylin HE01 At first glance when I got the package, it´s pro. The packaging is really nice looking. Everything matte black, cool and sleek. You can tell the box has...

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  • BLON BL-A8 Review(2)
    août 11, 2021

    BLON BL-A8 Review(2)

    Author: Nur Hossain Blon is well known brand in audio community, needs no introduction. They have recently released their new IEM named Blon-A8 (prometheus). They have attempted a unique design & eye catching IEM around 80$ price which is a flagship...

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  • TRI Starshine - The STAR of TRI
    août 10, 2021

    TRI Starshine - The STAR of TRI

    Author: Antivenom PROS:  Clean vividly musical exciting and energetic  micro-detail retrieval, Fast bass with precise attack Build and comfort Full set of balanced cable CONS:  Upper-treble Neutral tonal accuracy,  Quality stock eartips At first Let me thank Keephifi. This was...

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  • BLON BL-A8 Review
    août 5, 2021

    BLON BL-A8 Review

    Author: Paul Wasabii The BLON BL-A8, formerly known as Prometheus, is the latest member of the BLON portfolio and the latest evolution of the BLON house sound signature.  Where the BL-03 was a sub-bass focused and organic sounding star at...

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