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Color: Blue
Style: No mic
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Combined with Acoustic Principles to Create 12 Units Hybrid Technology Extraordinary Analysis

We have designed the professional internal acoustic structure. The position and angle of each unit have been calculated precisely, which can make the characteristics of different units play and cooperate closely.

Carefully Tuning and Widely Control Various Styles of Music

The smooth connection of three frequencies, the loose tuning of the low frequency, the density of the intermediate frequency and the detailed display of the high frequency, is more than enough for different music types and styles.

Strong Power Core Analysis, Transient and Ductility Are Better

A newly developed dual magnetic dynamic unit on one side and five fine tuned medium and high frequency balanced armature enable C12 to have a wide sound field, cover a complete range of sound, restore sound quality truly and accurately.

  • Bass frequency part: The new 10mm double magnetic dynamic adjusts the magnetic flux and gap, the diaphragm adjusts the physical properties. It has excellent bass diving characteristics, provides wide frequency response, brings more infectious sound.
  • Medium and high frequency part: Balanced armature combination is two groups of medium and high frequency dynamic iron combination tailored for C12. It has detailed resolution and reproduces the true timbre of different instruments, especially the performance of medium and high frequency human voice.
  • High frequency and ultra high frequency: Classic 30095 balanced armature adopts the classic 30095 UHF movable iron unit of movable iron series. The sound base is crystal clear, the treble extension performance is good, the high frequency is smooth, and the listening position of the tooth sound is good.

Double Magnetic Circuit and Double Capacitance Dynamic Unit

Based on the low frequency of the C10 double magnetic dynamic, it can be optimized, with better energy efficiency and stronger transient performance. The 10mm rigid diaphragm brings full and layered medium and low frequency details.

Independent High Resolution Balanced Armature

Customized medium and high frequency balanced armature combination*2 + 30095 high frequency balanced armature*1 has powerful analysis to restore high-density sound, while having delicate dynamic and transient texture.

1. Product Name: Original CCA C12 In-ear Earphone

2. Brand: CCA

3. Model: C12

4. Earphone type: In-ear

5. Impedance: 24Omega

6. Earphone sensitivity: 111dB/mW

7. Frequency range: 7-40000Hz

8. Interface: 3.5mm Gilded

9. Plug Type: L curved

10.Cable Length: 1.2mplusmn3cm

11.Color: Blue,Gold

12.Whether with cable: Yes

13.Earphone interface: 2Pin Interface

14.Whether with mic: Optional

15.Whether can replacement cable: Yes

16.Driver unit: 1DD+5BA hybrid driver unit


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